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Why your Cockapoo or other Poodle Mix needs this particular dog collar

Why your Cockapoo or other Poodle Mix needs this particular dog collar

Visit any UK park and you're bound to see a variety of Poodle mixes. Whether that's a Cockapoo, Cavapoo, Maltipoo, Schnoodle, Labradoodle and more. There is boundless enthusiasm among dog owners for these new 'designer' mixed breeds. If the dog has inherited the poodle coat - it's fluffy, curly or woolly - it can often resemble a teddy bear and look ever so cute (we appreciate there is concern among advocates of pure breeds  - and the 'inventor' of the Labradoodle has publicly despaired about behavioural issues among Poodle mixes). 

But let's put the politics to one side. The Cockapoo, according to a national television program of the Top 100 favourite dog breeds, came first, followed by the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Like Poodles, the Cockapoo and other Poodle mixes require regular grooming. Their coat is prone to 'matting' (the forming of knots). Left unattended (ie. not brushed out daily or every other day), the knots can tangle and twist and become almost felt-like. This has consequences for their skin. If you've ever caught your hair in a necklace or coat zipper and felt the short sharp pain of your hair being pulled, this is like the pain your dog will feel when it's matted. There is no escape from that unrelenting pain unless the coat is treated. Depending on the severity of the knots, the coat may have to be shaved (the hair grows back so don't worry!).

So how do you prevent the knots from forming in the first place? A typical area of the coat that is prone to matting is around the collar (the neck). Wearing a flat collar crushes the coat and this contributes to knots forming.

Therefore, the ideal collar for a Cockapoo or other Poodle Mix (with the inherited Poodle coat), is a rolled leather collar. First, the rolled construction of the collar minimises any damage to, or flattening of the hair. Second, leather, as a natural product, is kinder to the coat and skin than a synthetic product made mostly of reconstituted plastics.

Have a conversation with your dog's groomer. They are also likely to recommend a rolled leather dog collar for your Cockapoo because they want to help you safeguard your dog's coat from matting. That way you can also help to preserve the 'cute' look of your pup that attracted you (and/or your children) to this mixed breed in the first place. 

At Dogs & Horses, we make the rolled leather collar and matching lead in our London workshop. It's available in a variety of classic and contemporary colours. Take a look : click here

Wearing a rolled leather collar is just one step towards good skin and coat welfare. You'll still have to maintain the coat at home and visit the groomer regularly of course. 

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