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Chocolate Dots Leather Dog Lead

Ostrich Pattern
Crackling Brown
Chelsea Dots
White Slivers
White Perforated
Wood Effect

The matching leads for our D&H Limited Editions Dog Collars.

At D&H, we are privileged to have our own London atelier where we design, develop and make our limited edition designs. This limited edition features a selected and striking soft leather pattern backed by a thicker but soft and pliable oiled hide brown leather. 

The concept is simple. A unique, limited edition design. With its own character. Because your dog is unique. Has its own character. Something limited. To appreciate. To love.

Available in five different designs:

Oasis Leather Dog Collar with Ostrich Pattern, matching lead
Truffles Leather Dog Collar and matching lead
Chocolate Dots Dog Collar and matching lead
Wisteria Leather Dog Collar and matching lead
Woodland Leather Dog Collar and matching lead

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Finished with nickel-plated (silver) solid brass fittings. 122cm long (including handle) x 15mm wide.

Please note: we use a full-grain soft and pliable oiled hide leather for the lead. Each item is individually hand-crafted and stitched, not simply riveted. Our metal fittings feature solid brass (or nickel-plated solid brass) trigger hooks manufactured for the equestrian trade by a fabricator based in the Midlands.