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Rolled Collar and Lead Set

Collar and Lead can be purchased separately.

When you purchase as a collar and lead set, you will benefit from a modest discount compared to purchasing items separately.

Handmade in England. D&H Rolled Soft Leather Dog Collar with solid brass buckle and D-ring or nickel-plated brass (silver).

Approximately 1cm thick for small & medium sizes, 1.5cm thick for large sizes. Available in a choice of traditional or contemporary colours.

Sizes given are for dog neck size - please wrap a soft measuring tape snugly around your dog's neck to establish the right size. Please do NOT measure your 'old' collar - this is not reliable.

Dog Lead in soft rolled leather, handmade in England. 130m long by approximately 1cm thick, and finished with a solid brass or silver (nickel-plated brass) trigger hook.

Please note: leather is a natural product. To ensure its durability, allow to air-dry completely before re-use if your collar gets wet. Do not allow the leather to come into contact with the chemicals from commercially-available flea spot-on treatments. This will damage the leather and may cause the dye to run.

Size Guide
Tan with Brass
Orange with Silver
Red with Silver
Blue with Silver
Pink with Silver
Brown with Brass
Black with Silver
Grey with Silver

Size chart