Our Story

Heritage Craftsmanship

In 2006, we set out to build the finest handmade dog accessories in the world (this is not an exaggeration, really), using only the best materials. In terms of the construction of D&H collars and leads, this meant going back-to-basics. The problem (ahem, ‘challenge’) is that sometimes ‘basics’ is, well, a bit basic. Then we had this brilliant idea: let’s take this traditional craftsmanship and give it some flair. Some style. A modern vibe. Something fashion-led. Because, you know, fashion is about statement. But you want your statement to have substance.

This concept has stood the test of time. Because here we are, ten years on and still loving every minute of what we do.

The best part, of course, is seeing so many happy dogs wearing D&H.

The sad part, though, is that once you buy a D&H collar or lead, we won’t need to see you again for some time. So, it was nice having you for this brief interlude whilst you made your purchase, visited this website, read these words. But you won’t need us again for a long while. Unless you change your statement. Or get another dog. That’s a great idea. Get another dog. Another companion. There’s no such thing as too much love. Hope to see you again soon.


In 2010, we had the honour of collaborating with jeweller Nicholas James of Hatton Garden in the creation of one of the most spectacular dog collars ever made, anywhere. This was completed on behalf of the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home's 150th anniversary celebrations. The collar featured "five brushed silver studs engraved with the charity's initials and logo, plus an 18ct yellow gold stud inset with 30 pave diamonds." (pbw news, Nov 2010).

Extra security was assigned to the workshop. Men in black suits whispering into their lapels – that kind of thing. It was surreal (the story gets better every year we tell it..).

With a retail value of £2K, the collar reportedly sold at auction for many times that amount. Which was great news for Battersea - and made us feel very pleased indeed to have been part of something so special (although we’re not allowed to say who the lucky dog was that got the collar).

Kingsman: The Secret Service / D&H

We were thrilled and starry-eyed when our leather dog collars and leads took a 'lead role' in the British-made 2014 blockbuster film, Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Supporting roles went to Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Samuel L. Jackson and Taron Egerton. 

Special thanks to 20th Century Fox for use of the photos

Your D&H

When you order from our website, you will normally receive the email confirmation. You might get an extra notification once your order is updated to ‘Shipped’. Then it’s on its way to you – when you might get another email from the courier. Talk about Managing Your Expectations!

That’s how it works in theory. But if for some reason you’re not hearing anything, please let us know. You can ring the London workshop directly on 020 7018 0175. Or ping us an email: sales@dogsandhorses.co.uk

When you get your product, we’ll include Product Care Instructions. Leather is a natural product and the hardware is either brass or super strong zinc alloys. So we give you some tips about how to keep the leather in good shape (the biggest most common mistake is this: if it gets soaking wet, you have to allow it to air dry naturally before re-using. Remember that one thing and you should be mostly alright).

If you’re thrilled with your D&H product, please shout about it. Share with us on Facebook or Instagram. What? Just two social media accounts? Not entirely true. We’re also working on our Pinterest boards. Look. It’s like this: we could have 101 different social media accounts. But we just don’t have time to tweet or zip and nudge and prompt regrettably, because we’re sewing and cutting and gluing and packaging and posting.

In the news

D&H has caught the attention of the editorial press from some prestigious national titles you’ll probably recognise - most recently the cover of The Sunday Times Style Magazine,September 11, 2016.


Our Designs

Our designs are registered with the Intellectual Property Office. As artisans, creatives and manufacturers ourselves, we take seriously any attempt to copy our designs. Imitation is a form of flattery, sure. But, unfortunately, it also leads to brand confusion and undermines our brand value. Design thieves have no scruples so we don't feel badly about pursuing them through all available legal channels. If you come across any products that look eerily similar to D&H, please let us know. If we don't already know about it we'll be sure to reward you (or your dog) with something from our collection.