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Padded Leather Collar Blue

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'Best Dog Collar Overall 2021' - The Independent.

The best-selling padded leather collar is our signature collar.

Constructed of a full-grain hide leather outer strap with soft padded leather lining.

Solid brass or nickel-plated brass load-bearing fittings.

Suitable for all breeds though a favourite with Jacks, Cockers, Springers, Beagles, Pointers, Labradors and Goldens.

Generally, dogs with a long, curly or wolly coat will benefit from a rolled collar. If your dog's coat is in between and you'd like the extra padding and width, the padded collar has soft rolled edges to help prevent cutting of the coat.

Shipping & Returns

Delivery in the UK with DPD:

2 - 3 days*

International : depends on destination

Around 7 - 21 days

* It may takes 3-5 business days for the making of your item. In most cases, we can dispatch immediately from available stock in our workshop. Sometimes we'll have to make your order on demand.


TIP1. The Size Number eg. size 45 represents the total length of the leather strap, not including the buckle. Therefore, size 45 = 45cm total length (not including the buckle).

TIP2. Generally, ideal fit is 10cm more than your dog's 'actual' neck size. So, if your dog's neck (tape measure pulled snug) is 35cm, then size 45 will be a good fit.

Care Instructions

A cleaning with dubbin or saddle soap, then buffed up with a leather restorative like Neat's Foot Oil or a beeswax product (e.g. Renapur or Leather Genie) will help restore the leather to its natural lustre and protect it against the elements.

To help ensure the longevity of your dog's leather collar, allow to air-dry (not on a radiator) after it gets wet and ensure it is dry before re-using.

Do not allow the leather to come into contact with the chemicals from commercially-available flea spot-on treatments. This will damage the leather and may cause the dye to run.