English Toy Terrier Mr. Binks on national television

English Toy Terrier Mr. Binks on national television

Dog behaviourist and nutritionist Anna Webb was in the GB News television studio this morning as a guest of Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster.

The other special guest was Anna’s English Toy Terrier, Mr. Binks - who proved a natural in the studio.

Mr. Binks explored the large desk with its newspapers spread out, taking a keen interest in Eamonn, whilst Anna and the presenters discussed the recent disturbing reports of dog attacks and the need for proper socialisation and training.

Of course this gets our attention because Mr. Binks was sporting his very own D&H Wide leather collar. With a rolled leather lead in 'Martini,'our light olive green.


Dogs & Horses Wide leather collar was originally created for Italian Greyhounds. Soft and pliable, but strong, it's ideal for puppies and many smaller short-hair breeds.


Soft and pliable but sturdy, it’s the ideal collar for puppies or smaller breeds like the English Toy Terrier, as well as Jack Russells or Italian Greyhounds, Whippets and more.

Our own Miniature Dachshunds at home wear them. Daffy - the name is short for Daffodil - wears one. In bright yellow, of course. Annabel meanwhile, who is spoiled, gets to choose between a contemporary vibrant red or a traditional navy with brass fittings.

The D&H Wide leather collar also comes in larger versions, suitable for Springer Spaniels, French Bulldogs, Pointers, Labradors and more. Take a look, click here

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