Ideal collar for your Cocker Spaniel

Ideal collar for your Cocker Spaniel

(Image of English Cocker Spaniel, Hopeful, provided by her owner Paulo)

The Cocker Spaniel is a favourite among many dog owners (I grew up with American Cockers and have an abiding affection for the breed. Plus, who isn't a fan of Disney's Lady and the Tramp?). 


Energetic and intelligent (and a hint of the manipulative?) with a coat that is ideal for showing off, the Cocker (whether Working or Show, or simply a loved member of the family) benefits from our signature padded leather collar.


Dogs & Horses padded leather collar. Click here for all the colour options.


"Best Dog Collar Overall" - The Independent



Named by The Independent as 'Best Dog Collar Overall' in 2021, the collar is designed and built for safety and security, comfort and durability - and style.

But also your dog's welfare and skin and coat condition:

  • the padding and width help to absorb any pressure against the windpipe
  • the rolled edges of the collar don't cut the coat and help to minimise knots and tangles forming
  • leather, as a natural product, is also kinder to skin and coat than synthetic alternatives. 
The collar, handmade at our London workshop, is constructed of a heavier/thicker full-grain hide leather strap, padded soft leather lining and solid brass (or nickel-plated brass) load-bearing fittings.


It is available in a range of traditional or classic shades, whether light Tan and Cream with brass as shown on Hopeful, or in Brown, Black, Grey, Navy, Racing Green or Burgundy.


Or you can brighten up your Cocker's look with a vibrant red, green, pink, blue, or orange. We also have some seasonal options - like our Spring/Summer Aqua padded collar, ideally paired with a matching rolled leather lead.

Explore our padded leather collars (click on the link or on the image above).

There are plenty of reviews on the product pages - this is just a couple of screenshots below (sorry if a little blurry!). The usual size for a Cocker Spaniel is SM - this will usually fit an 'actual' neck size of approx 26-31cm (soft tape measure pulled snug, NO fingers underneath). Any further help needed (sizing guidance etc), pls do ask on the Chat box or send an email to


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