Brand Protection

Our designs are registered with the Intellectual Property Office.

We take seriously any copying of our designs. It leads to brand confusion and undermines our brand value. It's just not cool. Design thieves have no scruples so we will pursue design theft through all available legal channels.

If you come across any products that look eerily similar to D&H, please let us know - if we don't already know about it, we'll be sure to reward you (or your dog) with something from our collections. Moreover, if you have any doubt about the authenticity of a D&H product from a re-seller, please contact us directly to verify the re-seller's legitimacy.



We don't allow re-sellers to list D&H products on eBay. You will see listings of D&H on eBay - like you will for a lot of upmarket brands. But these sellers have no means of being able to provide you an authentic D&H product. Please avoid. You are likely to end up with a cheap counterfeit or nothing at all. (Yes, we've reported dozens of instances of this to eBay directly. But as soon as you get one listing taken down, others sprout up. We could have a whole team dedicated to fraudulent listings on eBay and still struggle. Our advice: purchase from us directly or one of our authorised re-sellers.)