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D&H Rolled Leather Multi-Purpose Adjustable Lead

Sometimes called the Training Lead and historically used by police and army dog handlers. The Multi-Purpose Lead is now much sought-after by dog owners who appreciate its versatility.

Ideal for the multi-tasking dog owner. Perhaps you're a parent pushing a pram and walking the dog at the same time. Perhaps you're a runner and want your dog to tag along hands-free. Or maybe you're glad to adjust the lead to its full length of 6-feet to give your dog more room to roam on its walk. It's also brilliant for securing your dog to a park bench, or a pub table, when you stop for a rest or refreshment.

The thickness (gauge) is 10mm, constructed with a 6mm pre-stretched polyester cord around which we wrap, glue and stitch the soft leather. The internal rope is made for sheet and halyard use by yachtsmen - which means it won't rot if it gets wet, and has excellent strength and durability and a tensile strength into the thousands of pounds.

Metal fittings are solid brass or nickel-plated solid brass.

Total length is 6-feet at its longest (create a handle at one end). But the lead can be adjusted to throw over your shoulder or secure around your waist. Can also be configured to a standard length of about 1-metre.

You'll notice the lead also features two trigger hooks so you can actually use it for two dogs. Most dog owners, professional handlers and dog walkers appreciate the hands-free option.

Available now in our classic dark chocolate BROWN with brass fittings OR in vibrant RED with silver fittings (nickel-plated brass).

* IF you would like this made in a different colour, please let us know. Most colours are available eg. Black with silver or brass fittings, Tan with brass fittings, Blue, Green, Pink or Orange, with silver fittings. 


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Brown with Brass
Red with Silver
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handmade in England

Handmade in England

Heritage craftmanship

Heritage Craftmanship

Quality leather

Premium Leather

Superior fittings

Superior quality hardware & fittings

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