Buying from the EU/EEA post-Brexit

Buying from the EU/EEA post-Brexit

The list price you see on our website, in UK Pounds Sterling, includes UK VAT.

When you complete the steps through our checkout and complete your billing and shipping details, our secure payment merchant will recognise you are purchasing from an EU/EEA country. And will automatically deduct the VAT.

So, for example, a £100 purchase (including the shipping) will be reduced to £83.67.

Thanks to the UK-EU 'free-trade' deal, there is no 'duty' (tariff) to pay because our products are made by us in the UK (country of origin).

However, you will still have to pay the VAT at your country's VAT rate. But we are not collecting it. This will likely be charged to you by the courier, and they may apply an administration fee for collecting the VAT (this could be about 15 Euros). There should be no additional charges. 

If you have made a purchase and been charged UK VAT at checkout, please contact us on for the VAT amount to be refunded (you should not be paying VAT twice).


Courier delays

At the beginning of the year, couriers struggled with 'border chaos' related both to the effects of coronavirus and Brexit and we saw some backlogs of a few weeks getting your order to you. The quality and timeliness of the delivery differed between couriers and countries. This is now mostly resolved so there should be no further delays. Likewise, increased certainty among couriers about customs charges and VAT collection should help prevent delay of your order arriving.

If you have concerns that your order is taking too long, please email us with your order number so that we can chase up with the courier:


Thank you for your continued support of artisan craftsmanship and your patience during this temporary transitional period.



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