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Get a Grip. Our new 'Big Dog' leather collar, with Handle

Get a Grip. Our new 'Big Dog' leather collar, with Handle

Big Dog owner? Ever struggle taking your dog out of the car? or, walking through a crowded area, need to keep them close to your side? ever scrambled trying to grab their collar in that moment of unexpected boisterous behaviour? all that weight and happiness heading straight for the toddler with an ice cream cone.

Over the years we've had requests from Big Dog lovers if we could create a collar with a handle on it. So they could 'get a grip' on their big dog as and when the need arose.

We've now launched our 'Get a Grip' Big Dog leather collar with Handle. It's a sturdy construction featuring a heavier (thicker) hide leather strap with soft padded leather lining - and a soft rolled leather handle that's easy to grab and restore control. For everybody's safety. Featuring solid brass or nickel-plated brass fittings. 

Made-to-order at our London workshop. Please click here to learn more.

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