Handmade in London. For You and Your Dog

Handmade in London. For You and Your Dog

If you're familiar with Simon Sinek's book, Start with Why, you will appreciate his message that leadership and business differentiation must serve a higher moral purpose.

In one of Simon's TED Talks, he gives as an example the difference between Apple and Dell. When a new product is launched at Apple, motivated buyers will form queues circling a city block to get their  hands on the latest product. By comparison, there isn't the same excitement when Dell launches a new product.

Both Apple and Dell make great products. That is their 'What'. Both companies employ talented engineers to create those products. That is their 'How'. But at the centre, there must exist a Why. Apple's Why is to create the most beautiful, sophisticated, user-friendly design. And people love it.

At Dogs & Horses, we are motivated by Simon's message. It is, arguably, a modernised version of a company Mission Statement. Or, going further back, a family coat of arms with its motto, for example, of Truth Duty Valour (this was actually the motto at my military college).


Our Why

Our Why at D&H is to create beautiful, fashion-led design; to ensure our products are robust and can take the rough and tumble of dogs at play and life; and to make our products ourselves.

We will not simply create a design and then outsource it to a cheaper manufacturer overseas at the best possible margins. This is what other dog accessory companies do.


London workshop

By comparison, we have our own London workshop and we guarantee the construction and stitching of the product you purchase. We can even adapt or tailor a product to suit your dog perfectly.


Authentic craftsmanship #notoutsourced

We believe by having taken this approach to design and manufacture, that we are part of the zeitgeist for authentic artisan craftsmanship, handmade in Britain. Our pricing is also fair and reasonable because we provide this service, this guarantee. One of the many small rewards is to hear from old customers from eight or ten years ago who still have the original leather collar they purchased from us. So, we know that we are creating both beautiful design with the highest quality materials, but also incredible value in a D&H leather collar, lead, harness or accessory that stands the test of time.

We hope you agree! And please don't hesitate if there is ever a need for a minor adjustment or the fit isn't quite right, we're happy to take your call and see what we can do.


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