Need help? Contact our London workshop on 020 7018 0175
Need help? Contact our London workshop on 020 7018 0175
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Mad scientists create the perfect Italian Greyhound Leather Dog Collar

dog collar handmade Italian Greyhound

Owners of Iggies can breathe a sigh of relief. At long last, we have, right here in our London workshop, created the perfect Italian Greyhound leather dog collar.

Yes, it took the collaboration of a few mad scientists (read: passionate Iggy owners) to get there, but we have arrived. You will be pleased. Your Iggy will love you and appreciate your dedication not simply to their safety and welfare, but their style.

Strong, but lightweight. Sturdy, but pliable. Secure, but stylish. 

It gets better. The collar comes in a variety of classic and contemporary colours.

Is your Italian Greyhound more of a jazz man and needs something cool and sophisticated. Select black on black with silver fittings.

Or is she a bold and vibrant character and needs the collar and the colour to match? Perhaps our signature Orange. Or the bright green.

The collars are available now. Take a look. Click here



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