Stitched, not riveted. And why this is important.

Stitched, not riveted. And why this is important.

At our London workshop, we stitch all load-bearing elements of our products. We don't use rivets (except, for example, on the stop of our slip leads or on the band used to attach your leather PooSh to the O-ring on your lead handle).

Over time, rivets can pop. With exposure to rain and the elements, they can rust and weaken. If you are using a lead on your dog that is simply riveted, be careful to keep an eye on those rivets - the consequences of a loosened rivet don't bear thinking about (to be fair: rivets are still strong and load-bearing - though at the end of a lead, where the trigger hook is secured, you may see two or three rivets at a time - just in case one of the rivets loosens then there will be back-up rivets to support). 

To ensure your dog's safety and security with a Dogs & Horses collar or lead, we stitch instead of rivet. This also signifies our saddlery heritage. We use a proper heavy Italian thread that is normally used in the making of saddles and horse tack. It can withstand heavier weights, it's durable, and it's Guaranteed. If you ever have an issue with the stitching on your D&H product, let us know and we will repair (subject to fair wear and tear of course - if your dog has chewed through the product we can still take a look to see whether or not it's beyond repair).

Stitching instead of riveting is also a hallmark of true craftsmanship. Too often we see products that feature a lead or collar in a striking colour accompanied by sophisticated or attractive design and advertising. Proceed with caution. Riveting is the easy answer that typically signifies mass manufacturing. Not be sniffy about, but there is no skill or true craftsmanship involved. This means your product is being made on the cheap. Yet these are the very fastenings that are meant to ensure your dog's safety and security. 

Instead, with a Dogs & Horses collar or lead you can be reassured that our first commitment to you and your dog is your dog's safety and security. We won't compromise on this. We don't therefore outsource to third parties or mass manufacture overseas. And we don't cut corners on the quality of the materials we use or the craftsmanship we provide.

This isn't trendy modern virtue-signalling. We committed to this when we first created Dogs & Horses, more than 15 years ago. Strength, security and comfort come first. Since then, we have continued to calibrate and fine tune the construction of our collars and leads to be the very best in the marketplace. Plus we've enjoyed creating new designs and launching striking new colours to keep things fresh and interesting - but always from that starting point of strength, security and comfort.

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