award-winning padded leather dog collar

'Best Dog Collar Overall' - The Independent

Best Dog Collar Overall 2021 in the Indy Best Buy awards for our padded leather dog collar. 

Of course we took a screenshot of the article and posted it inside our London workshop. It's a credit to the artisans who make this collar everyday. We appreciate the recognition - but we also celebrate that authentic British artisan craftsmanship is still credible in this day and age of outsourced mass-manufacturing.



Best Dog Collar Overall 2021 - The Independent


It also motivates us to keep moving ahead with confidence that people - and their dogs - truly appreciate the expertise that prioritises a dog's safety and comfort. Of course it helps that the collar is also stylish and available in a range of wonderful colour options.

In the main, the collar is ideal for short coated breeds - like a Jack Russell or Beagle or Vizsla, Pointer, Labrador, Golden Retriever and more (the soft rolled edges also help to minimise breaking of the coat so you can also consider for your Alsatian / German Shepherd).

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If you have a fluffy breed, eg. Cockapoo or other Doodle, Poodle, Shih Tzu, Bichon, Lhasa Apso, Pomeranian (the usual suspects regularly visiting the grooming salon), we recommend a rolled leather collar instead. A flat collar can crush the coat, not only leaving an unsightly indent, but causing knots and tangles to form. These knots pull at the skin and can cause pain to your dog - often requiring a shave-down to remedy. We don't want our dogs to suffer (they can be very stoic but those tangles can be painful - imagine catching your hair in a zipper, like that, but non-stop). Rather, we want our dogs to benefit from a clean and healthy coat and skin. Alongside brushing and maintaining at home, visiting the groomer regularly, choosing a rolled leather collar for your fluffy dog will help with this.

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