We made a collar for a TIGER (supporting WWF)

We made a collar for a TIGER (supporting WWF)

A few months ago we were contacted by the artist Mauro Perucchetti for a bespoke collar. But this would be bigger than the biggest collar we've ever had to make for any dog.

Because it was for a tiger.

Okay, not a real live tiger. A tiger sculpture, to feature in the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) "Tiger Trail" in Singapore. The exhibition features more than 30 painted tiger sculptures and tiger-inspired art pieces in locations across Singapore. 

The aim is to raise awareness of the unrelenting decline in tiger populations across South East Asia. At the start of the 20th Century, more than 100,000 tigers lived in the wild. Globally there are now fewer than 3900.


So, back to the collar. Based on the design of our 'Big Dog' padded leather collar, Mauro had an additional request!

He needed the collar to feature a brass plaque with an engraved quote: LIFE IS NOT A CIRCUS.

We reached out to Brunel Engraving in Somerset who were able to make the brass plaque. It needed to be substantial but also the right weight for us to fasten and bend onto the collar. 

With the collar made and the brass plaque secured, we sent it to Mauro, fingers crossed that it would be a good fit (thanks Mauro for ensuring correct measuring!).

Success. The collar fit. And it looks a perfect complement to Mauro's stunning red and black stripe painted tiger sculpture. Which now has pride of place in the 'Ar-mazing Tiger Trail' in Singapore.

The exhibition closes April 9th, after which there is an online auction for the individual pieces. The proceeds will go the WWF to support "on ground work in tiger landscapes that are home to around 80% of the world's remaining tigers."

Congratulations Mauro Perucchetti and Thank You for inviting us to be a part of this incredible initiative.

To find out more about the 'Ar-mazing' Tiger Trail, please visit the official website: https://tigertrail.wwf.sg/ 


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