Whippet Good. Our new soft leather Hound collar

Whippet Good. Our new soft leather Hound collar

We're pleased today to launch our new soft leather hound collar in a first range of fabulous colours. There are more colours and collars coming!

The thing about a Whippet collar (sorry, 'sighthound' collar) is that it can't be too heavy and bulky, nor can it be too flimsy and lightweight.

You have to find the balance between something still sturdy and reliable, yet soft, pliable, simple, elegant. Our new soft leather hound collar will suit a sparrow-like Iggy through to a powerful retired Greyhound gentleman.


soft leather Whippet collar handmade in England

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Another thing worth remembering when choosing the collar for your sighthound - whether an Italian Greyhound, Whippet, Afghan Hound, Saluki, Borzoi (there are many striking and elegant breeds), is the reasoning behind the traditional sighthound collar shape.

The design is helpful at protecting the vulnerable windpipe (some breeds are prone to windpipe collapse). But the shape of the collar is also useful at helping prevent the collar from accidentally popping off over the narrower head.

For guidance on sizing, please do scroll through the images on the product page or click on the Sizing tab below the product description.

Click here to see the newly launched selection.

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