The dog collar for your Labrador Retriever

The dog collar for your Labrador Retriever

Labradors are among the country's favourite dog breeds for good reasons.

They're family-friendly with a gentle temperament and, highly food-motivated, are relatively easy to train (personal experiences may vary!). Valued family members and companions, but also brilliant in their role as Gun Dogs.

A Labrador typically weighs more than 25kg and needs a sturdy collar, but also one that is comfortable to wear. Any pressure against the windpipe when walking on the lead is also best absorbed by some additional width and surface area, without crowding the neck, and will benefit from padding (though you'll also see a lot of Labradors, as gun dogs, under control of slip leads - though more so in the country). 

The collar we recommend for Labradors is our Padded Leather Dog Collar

It's handmade in our London workshop of a full-grain hide leather outer strap with soft padded leather lining. It's built for toughness and durability (style too!). Solid brass or strong metal alloy silver fittings. With proper care the collar can last a lifetime (leather is not recommended for swimming though!).



"Best Dog Collar Overall 2021" - The Independent

In fact, this collar was awarded 'Best Dog Collar Overall' in the UK by The Independent in 2021.

Even the Prime Minister's Fox Red Labrador, Nova, wears the Dogs & Horses padded leather dog collar, made specially for her in Navy (had to be blue of course).


Top Dogs Choose British Handmade. Nova the Fox Red Labrador with masters Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murthy. Nova in padded leather dog collar and matching rolled soft leather lead in navy with brass fittings. See full article here. Instagram @rishisunakmp


A good collar for your Lab's welfare and skin and coat condition:

  • the padding and width help to absorb any pressure against the windpipe
  • the rolled edges of the collar don't cut the coat 
  • leather, as a natural product, is also kinder to skin and coat than synthetic alternatives

The collar comes in a variety of colour combinations. Typically, the best collar size for an adult Lab is ML - though some heavier males may require the size L.

Handmade at our London workshop with a Lifetime Stitching Guarantee.

See the collection here.


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