About Us

Heritage Craftsmanship

In 2006, we set upon a mission to create the finest leather dog collars and leads in the world. We would design and make the products ourselves in Great Britain. Where our competitors outsource overseas, often using the cheapest materials and labour, we anticipated that discerning dog owners would choose handmade artisan craftsmanship with quality materials instead. Handmade at our workshop in London. After all, our bottom line is your dog's safety and security - and making sure they look fabulous at the same time.   
Terms like 'future heritage' are commonplace today. But since we started, we have been making timeless classics alongside fashion-led designs with flair and style.
During this time, our products have featured on the cover of The Sunday Times Styles Magazine and been selected for numerous editorial shoots across prestigious national titles you will recognize.
In the last few years, we have also supplied our products to film and television projects, including the original international blockbuster film Kingsman: The Secret Service. Other projects include a TV series featuring a strong Russian aristocratic woman and another series about a 'cruel' woman who doesn't like a particular breed of dog.