Cavapoo dog collar

The Rolled Leather Dog Collar from Dogs & Horses helps to prevent knots forming in the coat. Your dog's groomer will be thrilled.

The round construction doesn't crush the coat and prevents matting of the hair.

Additionally, leather is a natural product that the dog's coat and skin conform to naturally compared to synthetic products that may cause irritation and discomfort.



Cavapoo in D&H rolled leather collar

 A rolled leather collar from D&H will help to prevent knots or 'matting' forming within the coat. Your dog's groomer will be thrilled.


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At Dogs & Horses, we are among the world's leading manufacturer of leather dog collars, as well as matching leads, harnesses and accessories. All our products are individually handmade in our London workshop. Unlike every other leading brand in the UK, we do not outsource to third-parties or get our products made overseas. We take a personal interest in each and every customer and if you ever have an issue with your dog's collar or lead, you can contact us directly. If your collar needs a slight adjustment (eg. add a couple of centimetres to get the sizing just right) or you'd like to swap out silver fittings for brass, not a problem. Simply contact us or Add Notes when you place your order online.