Film and TV

London Workshop

At our London workshop we are able quickly to create tailor-made products to suit your film, TV and Theatre requirements.

We have supplied leather dog collars and leads to various projects including period dramas set in Edwardian times, 18th Century Russia as well as the near-future.


Kingsman: The Secret Service / D&H

 Special thanks to 20th Century Fox for use of the photos


We have worked closely with set decorators and props masters to provide accessories for their projects exactly as required. Because of our long experience and expertise in leather craftsmanship and kitting out dogs, we are likewise able to offer our consultation and guidance to your project.





We also have a lot of experience working directly with stylists for editorial magazine shoots and can react quickly to your requirements.





Our Designs

Our designs are registered with the Intellectual Property Office. As artisans, creatives and manufacturers ourselves, we take seriously any attempt to copy our designs. Imitation is a form of flattery, sure. But, unfortunately, it also leads to brand confusion and undermines our brand value. Design thieves have no scruples so we don't feel badly about pursuing them through all available legal channels. If you come across any products that look eerily similar to D&H, please let us know. If we don't already know about it we'll be sure to reward you (or your dog) with something from our collection.