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French Bulldog Leather Harness

Choosing the right size collar for your dog


Please measure snugly around the widest point of your dog's chest (the barrel of the chest).

Based on chest size:

holes from 37 to 45cm (total length 50cm)
holes from 42 to 50cm (total length 55cm)
holes from 47 to 55cm (total length 60cm)
holes from 52 to 60cm (total length 65cm)
holes from 57 to 65cm (total length 70cm)

holes from 62 to 70cm (total length 75cm)


So, for example, the size M: the first hole is at 52cm from the butt of the leather, the last hole (nearest the end-tip) is 60cm. The total length of the leather strap, not including the buckle, is 65cm.

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