Your Dog Breed’s Average Neck Size

To determine your dog's 'actual' neck size, take a soft tape measure (or, if you don't have to hand, use a ribbon or piece of string), pull this SNUGLY overtop the coat but NO fingers underneath. 

You can sanity-check this against the average approximate measurements below. Rule of thumb: typically you need 10cm (4-inches) from your dog's 'actual' neck size to the total length of the collar. So, a 34cm or 35cm actual neck size, choose size SM. If it's 35-36cm, choose size M.

Then take your measurement and cross-reference it to the sizing table on the product page of the collar you are considering.


Sizes in this chart are approximate only for general guidance.


Afghan Hound

35+cm (14+″). Size M

Airedale Terrier

40cm (16″). Size M


50cm (20″). Size L

Alaskan Malamute

42+cm (16+″). Size ML

American Eskimo

42+cm (16+″). Size ML or L

American Eskimo Miniature

35+cm (14+”). Size M

American Indian Dog

40-56cm (16-22″). 

American Pit Bull Terrier

45cm (17”). Size ML

Australian Cattle Dog

56+cm (22+″). Size XL or XXL

Australian Kelpie

40+cm (15+″). Size M or ML

Australian Shepherd

40cm (16″). Size M

Australian Shepherd Miniature

30cm+ (12”). Size SM


30cm+ (12”). Size SM

Basset Hound

45cm (18″). Size ML


35cm (13″). Size SM

Bedlington Terrier

30cm (12″). Size S

Belgian Malinois

43+cm (17+″). Size ML

Bernese Mountain Dog

48+cm (18+”). Size L

Bichon Frise

30cm (12″). Size S

Black And Tan Coonhound

48+cm (19+″). Size L 


53+cm (21+″). Size XL

Blue Heeler

54+cm (21+″). Size XL or XXL

Border Collie

35cm (14-18″). Size SM or M

Border Terrier

28-33cm (11-13″). Size S or SM

Boston Terrier

30-35cm (12-18″). Size S or SM

Bouvier Des Flanders

56+cm (22+″). Size XXL or bespoke


40-45cm (16-22″). Size M or ML


37+cm (14+″). Size M

Bulldog (American)

45+cm (18+″). Size ML or L

Bulldog (English)

50cm (19″). Size L

Bulldog (French) 

30-40cm (12-16″). Size SM or M


60-72cm (26-28″). Size XXL or bespoke

Bull Terrier

43+cm (17″). Size ML

Bull Terrier Miniature

30-45cm (12-18″). Size M

Cairn Terrier

25-40cm (10-16″). Size S or SM

Cane Corso

55+cm (21+″). Size XL or XXL

Caucasian Shepherd

58+cm (23+″). Size XXL or bespoke

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

25-30cm (10-16″). Size S


20-25cm (8-14″). Size XXS or XS

Chinese Crested

20-25cm (8-11″). Size XXS or XS

Chow Chow

45-50cm (18-24″). Size ML or L


28-34cm (11-13,5"). Size S or SM

Cocker Spaniel

30-35+cm (12-16″). Size S or SM


40-45cm (18-22″). Size M or ML

Dachshund Standard

35cm (13″). Size SM

Dachshund Miniature

20-25cm (8-12″). Size XS


40cm (16″). Size M


45-50cm (18-20″). Size ML or L

Dogo Argentino

50+cm (20″). Size L or XL

English Mastiff

65+cm (26″). Bespoke

English Setter

40-45+cm (16-18″). Size M or ML

Fox Terrier

25-35cm (10-14″). Size S or SM

German Shepherd

45-61cm (18-24″). Size ML or L

German Shorthair Pointer

40cm (15″). Size M

Goldendoodle Miniature

35+cm (15″). Size M

Goldendoodle Standard

45+cm (18"). Size ML

Golden Retriever

50cm (18″). Size L

Great Dane 

50+cm (20+″). Size L or XL

Great Pyrenees

60+cm (24+″). Size XXL or bespoke


35+cm (15″). Size M

Greyhound Italian

20+cm (8-10″). Size XXS or XS


25cm (10″). Size XS

Irish Terrier

40cm (16″). Size M

Irish Setter

40cm (16″). Size M

Irish Wolfhound

50cm (20- 27″). Size L

Jack Russell Terrier

25+cm (10+″). Size XS or S

King Charles Cavalier

25cm (10+″). Size S

Labrador Retriever

45cm (18″). Size ML


45cm (18″). Size ML

Labradoodle Miniature

40cm (15″). Size M


50+cm (20+"). Size L or XL

Lhasa Apso

30cm (12″). Size S

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard

45+cm (18″). Size ML or L


33-50cm (13-20″). Size SM*


25cm (10″). Size S


60+cm (24″). Size XXL or Bespoke

Old English Sheepdog

45+cm (18+″). Size ML or L


20-25cm (8-10″). Size XXS or XS


30cm (12″). Size S

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

35cm (14-16″). Size SM

Pinscher Miniature

20+cm (8″). Size XXS or XS

Pit Bull

35-45cm (14-18″). Size ML


30cm (12″). Size S

Pharaoh Hound

25-35cm (10-14")

Poodle (Standard)

35+cm (14+″). Size M

Poodle (Miniature)

25cm (10″). Size XS or S

Poodle (Toy)

20+cm (8+″). Size XXS or XS

Portuguese Water Dog

40cm (15″). Size M


35cm (14″). Size SM or M


35cm (14″). Size SM or M

Rat Terrier

33+cm (13+″). Size SM

Rhodesian Ridgeback

50cm (20″). Size L


55+cm (22+″). Size XL or XXL

St. Bernard

66-82cm (26-32″). Bespoke


33+cm (13″). Size SM


25+cm (10+″). Size XS or S

Schnauzer Giant

45cm (18″). Size ML

Schnauzer Standard

40cm (16″). Size M

Schnauzer Miniature

30cm (12″). Size S or SM

Scottish Terrier

35cm (14″). Size SM

Shar Pei

45cm (18″). Size ML

Shetland Sheep Dog “Sheltie”

35cm (14″). Size SM

Shiba Inu

40cm (15″). Size M


28+cm (11+″). Size S

Shih Tzu

30cm (10″). Size S

Siberian Husky

45cm (18″). Size ML

Silky Terrier

28+cm (11+″). Size S

Springer Spaniel

40cm (15″). Size M

Staffordshire Terrier

40+cm (16″). Size M or ML


38cm (15″). Size M


40cm (16″). Size M or ML

West Highland Terrier

35+cm (14+″). Size SM

Wheaten Terrier

38cm (15″). Size M


28+cm (11″). Size S

Yorkshire Terrier

20+cm (8″). Size XXS or XS

Yorkshire Terrier (Teacup)

15cm (6"). Size XXXS