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French Bulldog Leather Harness Navy

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Handmade at our London workshop

Designed specially for French Bulldogs up to a max chest size of 65cm


 As featured in Luxurious Design for Dogs
Michelle Galindo

Braun Publishing


Individually handmade-to-order at our West London workshop. Soft Italian leather combined with thicker hide leather support in a variety of colour combinations.

Solid brass or nickel-plated (silver) solid brass load-bearing fittings.

All harnesses are made of soft Italian leathers in the following colours, paired with a thicker dark hide: Grey (paired with Charcoal hide), Navy (paired with Navy hide), Tan (with Tan hide), Black (with Black), Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Orange and dark Brown (all with dark brown hide). 

This harness is made with a FLAT (instead of rolled) leather strap around the barrel of the chest. The loop over the head (around the neck) is non-adjustable and fits proportionally to avoid pressure against the dog's windpipe. 

* If you would like to change the colour of the thicker hide sections (eg. instead of brown you would prefer black or charcoal), or fittings (brass to silver, silver to brass), not a problem. But please send an email to



Suitable for small and medium Adult dogs up to 16kg.

The Rolled Leather harness is ideal
for Min Poodles, Cockerpoo, Cavapoo, other Poodle mixes, ShihTzu, Lhasa Apso and other long-coated breeds.

The French Bulldog harness (also suits Pugs) is similarly constructed but features a 'flat' leather strap instead of rolled around the girth.
please take a look at our French Bulldog Leather Harness

The Whippet harness also features a flat instead of rolled strap around the girth. The non-adjustable head loop of the harness is adjusted proportionally to the size of the strap around the girth (deepest point of the chest barrel).

Please note - the main body of the harness will feature the soft leather in the predominant colour of your choice. At the 'joint' (where the straps intersect and the fastener is located), and on the chest strap that runs from below the neck to the undercarriage (at the front of the dog), we use a 'heavier' (thicker/stiffer) leather. This is a complementary colour. For example, the red is paired with our dark brown. The grey is paired with charcoal.

Solid brass or nickel-plated (silver) solid brass load-bearing fittings.

Shipping & Returns

*This item is handmade to order*

Allow 2-5 business days before dispatch

Delivery in the UK with Royal Mail or DPD

2 - 3 days*

International : depends on destination

Around 7 - 21 days

* It may take 2-5 business days for the making of your item. In most cases, we can dispatch immediately from available stock in our workshop. Sometimes we'll have to make your order on demand.


Care Instructions

A cleaning with dubbin or saddle soap, then buffed up with a leather restorative like Neat's Foot Oil or a beeswax product (e.g. Renapur or Leather Genie) will help restore the leather to its natural lustre and protect it against the elements.

To help ensure the longevity of your dog's leather collar, allow to air-dry (not on a radiator) after it gets wet and ensure it is dry before re-using.

Do not allow the leather to come into contact with the chemicals from commercially-available flea spot-on treatments. This will damage the leather and may cause the dye to run.