Choose carefully for your Italian Greyhound

Choose carefully for your Italian Greyhound

At our London workshop, we have the great privilege of designing and making leather dog collars that are suited to the specific breed.

In the case of the Italian Greyhound we had to take this mission especially seriously.

The Italian Greyhound has a delicate neck and the breed can be high risk for tracheal collapse (windpipe). The design and construction also needed to ensure a secure fit without being pulled over the narrower skull structure, which could cause choking. Nor could the collar be too heavy or oppressive for the Iggy's narrow, almost sparrow-like frame.

Whichever collar you choose therefore, be mindful particularly of the collar for outdoor walks and activity, as compared, say, to a simple rolled soft leather collar which could be their house collar.

Our Soft Leather Hound Collar is ideal for Iggies - it has the correct width and the traditional 'fishtail' shape without crowding the neck. It's neither oppressively heavy or bulky, lighter weight but still sturdy and durable.




If you prefer an alternative to the traditional fishtail shape, you can also consider our Flat and Wider soft leather collar.


Our Flat and Wider Soft Leather Collar was originally designed for Italian Greyhounds - but is also suitable to Whippets, Miniature Dachshunds, Toy Terriers and more, as well as puppies!




The wider surface area is to protect the windpipe - to help any pressure from walking on a lead be distributed across a wider area. 

This leather collar is soft and lighter-weight, not heavy or bulky. But it's still strong and secure. Leather is a natural product and therefore also kinder to skin and coat than synthetic alternatives.

Each collar is individually handmade at our London workshop and available in a range of traditional shades or contemporary colours. 

Take a look at the collection here.


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