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Choosing the right size Hound collar for your dog

Choosing the right size collar for your dog

Sizes given are measured from the 'butt' of the collar (not including buckle), to the holes.

XXS holes from 16 to 20 cm (total length 25 cm) suitable for Italian Greyhound
holes from 21 to 26 cm (total length 30 cm) 
 suitable for Italian Greyhound
holes from 27 to 31 cm (total length 35 cm)
holes from 30 to 35 cm (total length 40 cm)
holes from 36 to 41 cm (total length 45cm)
holes from 40 to 45 cm (total length 50 cm)


So, for example, the size M: the first hole is at 30cm from the butt of the leather, the last hole (nearest the end-tip) is 35cm. The total length of the leather strap, not including the buckle, is 40cm.

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